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Management Practice Insights

Year: 2023, Volume: 1, Issue: 1, Pages: 16-19

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From Dry Promotions to Burnouts: Time to rethink performance rewards system

Received Date:26 November 2022, Accepted Date:29 March 2023, Published Date:09 May 2023


Problem of Practice: Ever since 'The Great Resignation' 1 after Covid-19, when record numbers of employees left their job, the need for companies to keep employees engaged and motivated has intensified. Most HR executives are now looking at ways they can maximize employee engagement. Research by Dutta and team 2 suggests that traditional tools, such as promotions, can trigger unintended, sometimes negative consequences, when used on a standalone basis. The answer lies in a balanced mix of performance management levers which can be set up by carefully borrowing from the best practices


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