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Management Practice Insights

Year: 2024, Volume: 2, Issue: 1, Pages: 21-26

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How Platform Ecosystems Can Turbocharge Your Strategy To Address Societal Challenges

Received Date:07 December 2023, Accepted Date:07 March 2024, Published Date:29 March 2024


As societal value creation gains importance, there is a growing realisation that some complex challenges facing society are hard to tackle by the corporate or even through a public-private partnership. To effectively tackle grand challenges such as food security, clean energy or cybersecurity threats, to name a few, value creation needs to look beyond the organisation’s boundary for multiple stakeholder collective action. So how best to organise for this? A recent research article  by Finnish academic Paavo Ritala says, ‘by developing scalable online-cum-physical platforms that engage diverse stakeholders focused on the challenge to be addressed’1


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