Management Practice Insights

Author Guidelines

We welcome essays that have a potent, practical relevance and the potential for influencing management practice. Please ensure that you have met the following quality criteria before submission.

  • Lead with a “Problem of Practice”, which clearly delineates the nature of the managerial challenge, and how recent research provides a better approach to the same.
  • Spotlight the recent research article that delivers the most helpful insight; Ensure that this reference paper has been:
    • Published within 18 months of your submission
    • Published in a journal that belongs to the FT-50 list and/or is rated ABDC A*
  • Identify when to use the insights, and when the insights are less likely to be helpful.
  • Be logically structured, with sufficient discussion of key business contexts and examples that illustrate successful and unsuccessful application of the insight.
  • Ensure that your examples have broad application: include at least one example that is local to your context, and one that is international
  • Provide both a 50,000 feet view, and next-level detail on the problem
  • Write in a style that is easy to understand, free of academic jargon, and provides a clear approach.
  • Limit your submission to between 1000 and 2000 words in length, MS Word only and not in Adobe PDF or Latex, not counting references.
  • Provide references using endnotes, and following the Chicago Manual of Style (7th edition, full-note).
  • Do not include any information in the main document that can be used to identify authors, e.g., name, email ids and affiliation.

In a separate file, please upload a title file with author information. See attached guidelines for how to structure the title file.

Guidelines for Title Page File

  • Provide first names or initials (if used), middle names or initials (if used), and surnames for all authors.
  • Affiliation details should include—Department, University or Organization, City, State and Country for all authors. One of the authors should be designated as the corresponding author with asterisk (*) against his/her name.
  • Mention email of all authors (co-authors)
  • Indicate the corresponding author’s email and provide phone number.
  • It is the corresponding author’s responsibility to ensure that the consent of all co-authors and necessary permissions from relevant sources have been obtained for this submission and intimate coauthors duly any changes or modifications recommended by the reviewers during review and revision and proof reading.
  • You may include the acknowledgement in the title page file itself.


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